First Woman Candidate Academician of University

Professor and Doctor Yu Pong Suk, Head of a Department of the Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry, is one of the authorities on the plastics processing engineering in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. She is Merited Scientist and Candidate Academician.

The plastics processing engineering deals with the processing method for moulding high polymers with plasticity including synthetic resins and rubber into different shapes of products and its application. So it is of important significance in developing the light industry of the country and improving the people’s living.

Yu Pong Suk has been teaching for 30 years, devoting her all to the instruction and edification and scientific researches.

She made painstaking efforts for the creation and the introduction of new technologies, the development of goods and recycling and the training of scientific and technological personnel. She went to factories for field experience and stayed in a local area far from her home for a long time to prove the physicochemical indices of materials. The papers she completed with much effort served as precious assets for the development of plastics processing engineering of the country.

Her rich experiences in scientific researches gave a great help to teaching.

Yu Pong Suk says:

“Our department carries on teaching aimed at closely combining education, scientific research and production. For example, we have mapped out new teaching plans for the subject ‘Plastic Engineering’ to put the teaching contents on a practical, comprehensive and modern basis before applying it to teaching. So we could train the students as personnel of creator type who can create a new technology conducive to production in practice after the graduation from the university.”

She attached great importance to strengthening the camp of teachers and pushed ahead with the work to improve their qualifications. As a result, all teachers of her department regard it as their strict rules of work to steadily improve the teaching contents and methods on the basis of advanced science and technology and research materials and make clear results in teaching and scientific researches. The department of the university is also playing the role of academic centre and information centre in disseminating the teaching contents and methods concerning majors to the universities of light industry across the country.

Yu Pong Suk has trained many academic degree holders including four doctors, exploited new subjects and wrote valuable books. She has also satisfactorily solved many scientific and technological problems arising in the economic development of the country and the improvement of the people’s living. With such merits she was awarded a doctorate in her 40s and a professorship and the honorary titles of Merited Scientist and Candidate Academician in her 50s.

People envy her, saying her career as a woman scientist and woman educator is successful. But Yu Pong Suk has presented higher demand for herself and is distinguishing herself in science and education.

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