Past Crimes Done by Japan against Korean Nation

Seventy-five years has passed since “Ukishima-maru”, a Japanese naval transport, was sunk by explosion off Maizuru of Japan on August 24, 1945.

The explosion of “Ukishima-maru” was an unprecedented massacre of Koreans committed by the Japanese imperialists on a ready-made script.

At that time, the Japanese imperialists, under a scheme to kill Koreans even one more in revenge for their defeat in the war, took thousands of Koreans, who were forcibly taken to Japan, on board by means of conciliation and coercion. After all, many of them came to be buried at sea with the explosion of the transport ship.

In an attempt to cover up the truth of their massacre, the Japanese imperialists confined a few survivals in their naval base and killed them by blowing up a steam tank. And they made the captain of “Ukishima-maru” insist on the “inevitable sinking”.

However, the course of the ship from Ominato Port to sea off Maizuru, testimony of survivals and all the corroborative evidences clearly showed that the explosion was made under a premeditated scenario of the Japanese imperialists.

Nevertheless, the Japanese reactionaries have not yet made any apology and compensation for this hideous crime.

The Korean people will never forget the past crimes of Japan but force it to pay dearly for them.

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