Treasure of the Factory


Worker Ryang Hyon Chan at the Rolling Workshop of the Phyongchon Daily Necessities Factory in the capital Pyongyang is respected by its officials and employees as a good inventor.

He began to work at the factory 20 years ago. Soon after his start of work, he drew attention of the people, because he perfectly carried out the hydrogen welding late comers dared not, to the admiration of the skilled workers.

Afterwards, too, he mastered his machine and perfectly carried out any assignment in his own way. That is why people lavished their praises on him, calling him treasure.

Amid the expectation and concern of the officials and employees, Ryang Hyon Chan presented novel ideas and put them into practice, making a breakthrough in solving the technical problems for revitalizing the production of the factory.

Some time ago, the factory had to establish a new artificial turf production process. At that time, he himself undertook the important task to rationally build a process for extruding the plastic fibre. Though he had poor knowledge of the artificial turf, he delved into lots of technical books and made repeated speculation and pursuit keeping in mind that where there is a will, there is a way. Eventually he correctly confirmed the conditions for processes to produce the plastic fibre, making it possible to fully ensure its mechanical strength. He also invented the nozzle, dividing head and winder for producing the plastic fibre, raising the production efficiency.

Besides, he conceived and put into practice more than 10 valuable technical innovation proposals including the invention of a new technology conducive to enhancing the performance of plastic crusher.

He is now involved in the online education system to acquire more knowledge.

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