Disaster Response

Removal of Flood Damage Promoted in Kangwon Province

The flood-stricken areas in Kangwon Province of Korea are rapidly restored thanks to the might of the army-people joint operation.

Owing to the lasting disastrous downpour and flood, many dwelling houses and public buildings have been destroyed and inundated, roads, bridges and railways cut and a dam of a power station gave way in several counties of the province.

In Kimhwa and Cholwon Counties with severe flood damages, service personnel of the People’s Army, together with the local people, removed 15,000 cubic metres of earth and mud on the roads buried by landslide and are now speeding up the filling, stone masonry, breast wall building and bridge projects.

A number of counties including Hoeyang, Kumgang, Phangyo, and Phyonggang Counties have restored passes in a few days and are making successes every day in the work to recover the electric and communication networks, rebuild roads, bridges and railways and minimize the crop damages.

Workers of the Wonsan Railway Branch Bureau, pooling strength with service personnel, disposed of more than 17,000 cubic metres of earth and rehabilitated the railroads between the Kosan Station and the Sepho Station, passing the first train.

Roads and railways have been rehabilitated one after another and the building materials transported urgently, making it possible to launch the campaign for damage rehabilitation more vigorously.

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