Kangwon Province in the Van of the Whole Country


Today, the Korean people have turned out as one to build a powerful socialist country. People of Kangwon Province are standing in the van.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has enabled them to lead the era.

In December Juche 105 (2016) he visited the Wonsan Army-People Power Station built by Kangwon Province and said:

I am really encouraged. The power station proves once again that self-reliance is the only way to live and when we regard it as the motive force, we can do anything.

I firmly believe that the the people of Kangwon Province would open the gate of a powerful socialist country before others.


Afterwards, he often called at Kangwon Province and each time, he highly estimated the fighting spirit and mentality of the local people, encouraging them to go ahead of the era.

His deep trust was the noble love that trains the people as heroes of the era and performers of feats.

Elated by his trust, the people of Kangwon Province worked with redoubled efforts despite all trials and challenges.


Though the conditions were more unfavourable than other regions and there were much more to be solved, they built a reduced iron production process and the alumina, sodium carbonate and phosphatic fertilizer producers. In July this year they have wonderfully completed the Ichon Army-People Power Station.

Kangwon Province has set a higher goal on the occasion of October 10 marking the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. It is now building hydropower stations, the Wonsan Greenhouse Farm, the Wonsan Fish Farm, the Phyonggang Tannery and the Songdowon Cannery.

All the miracles and changes are a fruition of the perfect unity with which the leader believes in the people and the people support the leader with all their soul.

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