For the Sake of People


These days, flooding is sweeping all over the world. Many countries vie each other in reporting the news on the heavy rain and flood damage bringing devastating disasters.

Cities and villages inundated by the flood and miserable faces of those who were left homeless—these are the painful realities caused by the terrible natural disaster.

The DPRK was no exception either.

Due to the recent torrential rain and rainstorm which lasted for several consecutive days caused by the seasonal rainy front, a waterway embankment gave way in the Taechong-ri area in Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province, leaving more than 730 single-storey houses and over 600 hectares of paddy fields inundated and 179 blocks of dwelling houses collapsed.

Upon receiving the report on the flood damage, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un personally went to the spot and took measures to stabilize the living of flood victims as soon as possible, grief-stricken over the loss of their houses and properties.

He stayed awake all night worrying about their situation and he visited again the area early in the morning regardless of muddy roads to look round several places in Taechong-ri. Stressing the need to draw up a detailed plan for building houses for 800 families in the flood-hit farm village of Unpha County as a model and complete the project at the earliest date possible and on the highest level, he ordered the People’s Army to form a necessary force and urgently deploy it for restoration.

As a result, the reserve grains of the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and hundreds of tents, thousands of bedclothes, daily necessities, medicines and other materials were supplied to the residents in the flood-stricken area.

“A few days ago I was honoured to meet Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on his visit to our village when his field car was trapped in the muddy road. He expressed his thanks to me, an ordinary farmer, for pushing his car out of the muddy road. Where can we see such a leader who holds people in high esteem?”

“I felt a lump in my throat the moment I received various kinds of daily goods and even a detergent. My parents would never be more meticulous than this. Indeed, there is no end in the world of the Supreme Leader’s love for the people.”

These are the earnest expressions of farmers in this village.

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