Factory Fares Well With Metal Fixtures, Building Materials


The East Pyongyang Metal Fixture Factory is now making innovations in the production of various fixtures and fittings.

Its main products are steel doors, bending steel beams, safety handrails and interlock tiles.

Among them steel doors can be claimed to be the history of the factory, said manager Kim Jong Hyon.

The factory produces steel doors for substations, theatres, office rooms, cold storages and various other purposes.

They look attractive, weighty and tactile as they are embossed with a variety of patterns, have various shapes and are painted like wood.

“Bending steel beams and safety handrail made in our factory are in great demand at major construction sites. This year alone, we produced C beams and stainless steel handrail needed for the building of the Sunchon Phosphate Fertilizer Factory and the reconstruction of Okryu Bridge,” said chief engineer Jin Thae Bong.

In particular, the factory equipped itself with a bending machine to produce various types of steel beams.

Interlock tiles made by the factory is popular with customers for their good quality.

Ra Kyong Il said he is proud to be a worker of the factory whenever he sees its interlock tiles neatly decorating several places of the capital city including the Mangyongdae Amusement Park, Central Zoo, Sci-Tech Complex and Ryomyong and Mansudae streets.

The factory set up an interlock tile production base at a major construction site last year and has since produced square and hexagonal interlock tiles in various colours and those for people with disabilities as well.

The factory’s major products also include plastic shuttering made from plastic waste.

“In the past we made shuttering with light burned magnesia, but now it is made by compression moulding of various plastic waste. The great advantage of plastic shuttering is that it can be recycled,” said the chief engineer.

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