District Upgrades Health Service

17Surgeons hold a consultation for operation at the Moranbong District People’s Hospital in Pyongyang.

“In recent years the district has been successful in attaining its goal of improving the public health service a level higher,” said Choe Yong Suk, director of the public health department of the Moranbong District People’s Committee in Pyongyang.

The Moranbong District People’s Hospital and polyclinics have recently undergone facelifts in keeping with the health and hygienic requirements.

“We established a videoconferencing system connected to the operation rooms and increased the number of beds in wards and are pushing the work for digitizing case histories in the final stage,” said Han Song Guk, director of the hospital, adding their several gynecologic treatment methods including one for sterility based on nerve ganglion blocking are counted among the nation’s best.

The hospital organized technical lectures, presentations on clinical experiences and seminars on a regular basis and, consequently, raised the general technical qualifications of doctors last year.

In addition, it ensured the midwifing rate at 100 percent and saw that all polyclinics grasp the conditions of all expectant and nursing mothers and newborn babies and take necessary measures regularly.

With the household doctor system strengthened, a special attention is being paid to children, old people, women and chronic patients.

In particular, the district is scrupulously organizing the hygienic and anti-epidemic work for preventing COVID-19. It thoroughly carries on the supply of antiseptic solution, disinfection of the water supply and drainage system and sewage treatment in conformity with the standards.

In the meantime, many health workers performed laudable deeds touching the hearts of all.

Ri Yong Ok, doctor at the Kinmaul Polyclinic, and Kwon Chun Hui, doctor at the Inhung Polyclinic, devoted themselves for several years to the recovery of special-class disabled soldiers in the areas in their charge, so that they could recuperate and walk again.

“It is not easy to take charge and care of lives and health of people. However, the proactive measures of the state, the efforts of the district people’s committee and the strong encouragement of the residents roused all health workers. We all find the pride and worth of life in our work,” said Choe Yong Suk.

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