A Step

3A step is no more than a moment in the whole life of a man.

But its meaning is different depending on what kind of significance it has.

Doctor and Associate Professor Jong Chol, Director of the Central Mining Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences, always says to his colleagues that a scientist should know the world and have an ambition to overtake and outstrip others in their long-taken development. He often tells them to constantly set up higher standard and make a greater number of research findings of world standard conducive to the development of mining industry of the country.

Whenever his institute was assigned a difficult research project, he would make a breakthrough in solving the problems with his high ability and innovative insight.

When a project was under way for rebuilding the third dressing plant of the Komdok Mining Complex on a modern basis, he conceived a novel idea to build a lead and zinc-dressing process by pneumatic floatation machine to save energy, labour and plot to the maximum while using the existing equipment.

He solved all problems, big and small, anew ranging from the designing of the process to the manufacturing of the pneumatic floatation machine, making an active contribution to bringing earlier the day of completion.

Deeply conscious that the speed of advance of the country depends on a step taken by a scientist, Director Jong Chol played the vanguard role in exploring the field of mineral materials that has been left unsettled in the mining industry sector of the country. He made valuable research findings in succession, including micronization and development of solid lubricant of the highest level.

Director Jong Chol says:

“We are now working to introduce the pneumatic floatation machine into other mines.

We are also making researches for using magnesite abundant in our country as high-quality refractory and recycling all the ore residue and dust ores to turn them into useful resources.”

Director Jong Chol has devoted himself to his researches for 30 years. His every step carries his precious patriotic mind to make an active contribution to the building of a powerful country with greater scientific research findings.

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