Leading Preparations for All-People Resistance


The Korean revolution entered a period of new upsurge in the struggle against the Japanese imperialists in the first half of the 1940s.

The Japanese imperialists doomed to ruin were making all desperate efforts to recover their heavy defeat, but the Korean people’s struggle was further intensified.

From the beginning of the anti-Japanese revolution the great leader Kim Il Sung consistently maintained that when the nation is rallied, it is to win and when separated, it is to ruin and inspired all the people to the final decisive battle for national liberation.

He presented a three-point line on achieving the historic cause of national liberation by the general offensive of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, all-people uprising and joint operations in the rear.

In order to implement the line, he firmly built up the secret bases in the homeland and at the same time, organized small units and groups with excellent officers of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army active in northeast China and dispatched them and political operatives a lot to the homeland to make thorough preparations for an all-people resistance.

Under his wise leadership, numerous core members who were able to organize and guide the preparations for the all-people resistance were brought up and the enthusiasm of the broad masses to turn out in the decisive battle against the Japanese imperialists was further raised.

Besides, armed organizations for all-people resistance were formed and expanded in all parts of the country.

At that time, many resistance organizations made public that the aim of their struggle was to join in the final offensive operation of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army. Some of them called themselves Kim Il Sung Corps named after Kim Il Sung and some others Paektusan Society named after Mt. Paektu.


The general offensive for national liberation was launched on August 9, Juche 34 (1945).

All-people resistance organizations across the country rose up to annihilate the enemy and frustrate their ruling mechanisms before joining the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army in its advance into the homeland.

On August 15, the Korean people finally terminated the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists and accomplished the historic cause of national liberation.

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