For the Green Woods


Sub-Workteam Head Jong Yong Sok at the Kungsim Cooperative Farm in Hoeryong City of North Hamgyong Province has been afforesting mountains for more than 20 years.

The area, where the farm is situated, is a remote place surrounded by deep mountains. Hence, it was seldom visited by people.

But today it draws many people coming to learn the experience in the afforestation.

Jong Yong Sok volunteered to work at the afforestation sub-workteam.

At that time, he made up his mind to take good care of all mountains in his native village to secure the farm materials, timbers and firewood with their own efforts. After becoming the sub-workteam head, he would look round the fields in daytime while envisaging a plan for afforestation and in the evening, he would call on old people to listen to their opinions.

While picking out stones from the fields for tree planting, he would draw a design for afforestation at recess. He also ploughed the kitchen garden of his house to plant trees.


Hundreds of hectares of larch and firewood forests have been created in the forests of the farm and tens of thousand saplings are growing in the nursery.

Thanks to his painstaking efforts, water source was finally found out and young trees grown healthy from the nursery.

He also built a good resting room, goat cage and fishpond, planted hundreds of fruit trees and created broad bellflower fields, improving the life of his sub-workteam members.

Jong Yong Sok says:

“I have still many things to do. We will create and take good care of the forests to make all the mountains of our native village greener.”

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