Science and Technology

Faculty Focuses On Fostering Creative Ability

9Lecturers discuss to employ robots in experimental lecture at the electronics and automation faculty of Kim Il Sung University.

“Now that all the outcomes exist in the form of complexes of cross-disciplinary sciences, it is required to train talents whose knowledge is not limited to only one field but many-sided on the basis of the major subject and who can actively apply their knowledge,” said Prof. Kim Yong Il, PhD and dean of the electronics and automation faculty of Kim Il Sung University.

The faculty is constantly innovating the content of education as required by the developing times, he added.

It merged and rearranged the subjects limited to electronics and automation to exclude some of them from the curricula and add more than ten subjects of adjacent disciplines.

According to lecturer Ryang Un Sun, information science, mathematics and dynamics are very closely related to electronics and automation. As they develop expertise in the adjacent subjects, the students got conspicuously better at completing the exercises of the major subject in a fresh and practical way.

The lecture structure is being upgraded.

The curricula which separated theoretical and experimental lectures were redesigned to combine theoretical education with practice, exercises and scientific research.

To this end, the lecture rooms for such subjects as electronic engineering, digital signal processing, control devices and analog circuit were newly refurbished.

The faculty also increased the number of major labs including the computer control system lab, system management lab and intelligent control lab.

A comprehensive experimentation area is scheduled to be completed at the end of this year to provide graduate and postgraduate students with all conditions for doing experiments needed for designing and completing research tasks independently, said Kim.

The innovative teaching content and methods adopted by the faculty are already paying off.

Students of the faculty won gold at the university students’ robot football competition of last year, and an increasing number of students have received the scientific search prize.

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