Patriotic People

DPRK’s First Two-Time Olympic Gold Medallist

8Kim Il (second from left) talks with coaches.

Korean wrestlers left an indelible mark in the world history of the sport.

In recent years alone, they snatched gold medals at many international games including the Asian wrestling championships, seventh world military games and world wrestling championships.

Such successes are unthinkable apart from the devotion of seniors who have made every possible effort for the development of the country’s wrestling.

Among them there is Kim Il.

He is a two-time Olympic title holder in wrestling loved by the Korean people.

Starting a wrestler’s career in his childhood, he won the then national sports clubs’ tournament on several occasions.

A man with a good brain and keen physical sense, he later honed his physical and technical skills at a professional sports club.

Since then, he had distinguished himself as a good wrestler on domestic and international fronts.

He was placed first in the 48kg division at the world youth freestyle wrestling championships held in former Czechoslovakia in 1991 and the eighth Asian freestyle championships in Iran in 1992.

Without resting on his laurels, he put more spurs to his training, winning golds in the 48kg freestyle category at the 25th Olympic Games which were held in Spain in 1992, an international freestyle tournament in Mongolia in 1993 and other international games one after another.

Thus he emerged as a wrestling ace officially recognized by the international freestyle wrestling circles and Asian wrestling front.

However, he never felt contented.

His goal was to bag another Olympic gold.

He came first at the 26th Olympic Games, which were held in the US in 1996, thereby realizing his dream and giving pleasure to the local people.

He is now Labour Hero, People’s Athlete, and deputy to the Supreme People’s Assembly and works as the secretary general of the DPRK Wrestling Association.

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