Anti-Epidemic Activities Get Brisk in DPRK

Commercial and catering facilities across the DPRK are actively conducting the anti-epidemic activities to tackle the worldwide pandemic.

Officials and workers in service facilities are strictly observing the anti-epidemic rules in their activities while taking due measures after finding out flaws in their anti-epidemic work.

Officials and employees of the Kwangbok Area Supermarket conduct medical examination of the public service workers in a responsible manner, making sure that they strictly observe the sanitary rules during their activities.

They strictly disinfect the frequently-touched things such as shopping carts, baskets, escalators and goods, informing the customers of the code of conduct they have to observe while buying goods and hygiene information over loudspeaker.

Service facilities in various parts of the country frequently disinfect the floor and goods, keeping the high-rate operation of ventilation equipment.

Anti-epidemic rules are strictly observed in catering facilities across the country.

In the Pyongyang Noodle House kitchen utensils are disinfected in accordance with the anti-epidemic regulations and foodstuffs and dishes are inspected strictly to ensure that there would be no abnormal phenomenon in service activities.

Service workers of Sinhung Restaurant in Hamhung and Kyongam Restaurant in Sariwon take temperature of visitors and let them sterilize their hands as required by anti-epidemic regulations, making sure that they keep social distancing in dining halls.

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