Lighthouse Keepers


The Komal peninsula lies on the northeastern Chongjin, a major port city, in North Hamgyong Province along the east coast of Korea, and there stands Chongjin Lighthouse on its southeastern extremity. Previously called Komalsan Lighthouse, it has a little more than 10 inhabitants, including four keepers and their families.


The white lighthouse evokes admiration of the people for its harmony with surrounding scenery. However, little known are its keepers’ efforts to operate the lighthouse and manage buoys all the year round, day or night and rain or shine.


Their life in a remote area with few guests for days seems to be monotonous and boring, but they are fully conscious of the importance of their responsibility for the safety of the people and vessels on the sea.

Always keeping it in mind, they are pooling their wisdom and efforts to keep the lighthouse neat and tidy and upgrade the facilities in collaboration with technical experts.


Thanks to their painstaking efforts, the light on the Komal peninsula is always illuminated, even in the dead of night or in thick fog.

All the vessels returning from their long voyage pass the brightly-lit Chongjin Lighthouse, expressing their appreciation with loud whistles.


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