Disaster Response

Flood-Stricken Land Seethes With Vigour and Ardour Again


Taechong-ri in Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province, has been drawing nationwide concern since it was afflicted by a flood.

Locals say that it is the first time that such a large number of people and truckloads of materials are coming to the county every day.

Currently, the residents of Taechong-ri are expressing their thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un day and night.

Housewives weep tears of gratitude as they cook rice sent by him and the men work hard to retrieve the damaged crops in the fields he inspected.

“When we were about to give up all hope, the Supreme Leader came to us all of a sudden,” said a woman farmer of workteam No. 8 of the Taechong Cooperative Farm. “It was like seeing the sun at midnight. Though our houses and other properties were washed away, our life got animated again thanks to the Supreme Leader.”

The voices of gratitude are not confined to Taechong-ri.

A worker in Unpha County said that as he heard the news that the fish sent by the Supreme Leader was delivered to the flood victims, he felt that the Supreme Leader who even thinks of the feelings of remote mountain villagers is the best in the world.

On August 10, another heavy rain poured down in Unpha County.

When the trucks carrying relief materials halted as the road to Taechong-ri was inundated, servicemen came to help in amphibious vehicles.

According to locals, the water level was even higher and more dangerous on the day when the Supreme Leader personally drove a car around the flooded areas and took measures for rehabilitation.

Nowadays, more and more people are coming to the Unpha County post office to tell their parents, children and relatives of the Supreme Leader’s benevolence by letter, telegram and phone.

Once drowned by a flood, the land of Taechong is now seething with a drive for creation and construction.

The service personnel of the Korean People’s Army, who were dispatched on emergency by order of the Supreme Commander, are pushing ahead with the reconstruction of destroyed dams and roads and the land rezoning, while the Taechong-ri population are out to minimize the flood damage to crops.

Disappointment and hopelessness can be found nowhere.

The service personnel are full of confidence and optimism that they will clear away the flood damage and build a model farm village there as soon as possible and show it to the Supreme Leader, and the farmers are quite determined to give pleasure to him with a high grain yield.

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