Factory Produces A Variety of Drinks


The Onchon Daesong Foodstuff Factory in Onchon County, Nampo, is a producer of various kinds of drinks.

“Our factory is located at the foot of Mt Jaejang in Taeryong-ri where good quality spring water gushes out. All our products are made of this spring water,” said Manager Paek Je Sun.

According to him, the water has a pH of 7.2 and a good deal of anions and harmoniously contains such essential nutrients as iron, zinc, manganese, copper and aluminum.

“We planted lots of fruit trees in the compound of the factory and its environs to use their fruits in production,” said senior engineer Sin Myong Song.

Over 1,000 fruit trees in over ten species including apple, pear, and persimmon trees, as well as tens of thousands of white broad bellflowers are growing.

The factory also offers prizes according to fruit yields and taste every year.

“Last year I gathered over 250 apples from a tree, and my target for this year is over 300,” said worker Pak Un Jong.

Last year the factory harvested over ten tons of fruits.

In the factory’s one-hectare forest there grow different species of trees like pine, oak, chestnut and hawthorn.

The factory upgraded equipment to double its productivity as compared to previously while saving lots of manpower.

Among such machines are an automatic bottle cleaner, bottle conveying robot, corn embryo separator and 20-litre spring water filling machine.

It also introduced various technical innovation plans to improve the quality of products, including the establishment of the production process based on vacuum distillation.

The production lines of the factory, which have been automated and are free from dust and germ, turn out various products such as liquor, soda drinks and bottled spring water.

Its products have highly been appreciated at sci-tech festivals and exhibitions and the demand for them steadily grows as they are refreshing and highly efficacious for the treatment of stomach disorders and have remarkable antioxidant effects.

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