50 Years for the Rising Generations


Every teacher has got a precious memory of his or her first lecture.

Doctor and Associate Professor Song Sun Ok at the Pyongyang Teachers Training College has been working as a teacher for nearly 50 years, but she still keeps the memory of her first lecture.

When she began her career as a teacher, she read many reference books, worked out teaching plans with much effort under the help of old teachers and tried to do teaching practices at nights, devoting her all to the students.

She was busy with students during the daytime and sat overnight for studying new teaching methods and finding out ways to improve the ability of students.

She presented many new teaching methods including the method of enhancing the students’ ability of teaching practice and the unique method of examination correctly estimating their cognitive power and wrote textbooks, reference books and essays conducive to the educational development of the country.

Students love and respect Song Sun Ok very much, who is a strict teacher yet a kind mother.

If a student was absent from a lecture with illness, Song Sun Ok used to call at his or her house after work for supplementary lessons and walk many nights to help the laggard student with his or her study. She also rendered unselfish assistance to her disciples. Seeing her, students are said to be determined to be wonderful teachers in the future.

Song Sun Ok says:
“I always tell my students to bring up their students as good persons who devote their all to the grateful system where all can learn to their hearts’ content.”

Her disciples have grown to be influential persons in the educational field, including Hero Teachers and People’s and Merited Teachers.

Song Sun Ok has lived a conscientious life as an educator. She is a true educator devoting her all only to the students and disciples. That is why even her disciples who left the college tens of years ago frequent her, calling her “our teacher”.

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