Representing the Feelings of Mothers


Mothers have a desire to give the best things to their children as much as possible. They devote their all to their children.

Representing the desire of the mothers across the country, the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un shows love and affection to the children.

This is a factory which produces the “Mindulle”-trademarked notebooks favoured by the children.

On April 18, Juche 105 (2016), Kim Jong Un visited the Mindulle Notebook Factory.

He said with great pleasure that the production capacity of the factory is great, where all the production processes have been automated and conveyorized. He called for producing a larger amount of good-quality notebooks with the feelings of the mothers binding books for their children and sending them to the children and students.

The January 8 Fishery Station of the Korean People’s Army catches fish to be supplied to the children of the baby homes and orphanages, primary and middle schools for orphans and the old people of the old people’s homes across the country.


On November 16, Juche 105 (2016), Kim Jong Un called at the fishery station and said with pleasure: Seeing the blocks of frozen fish piled up high in every store, I am very pleased and relieved of my pent-up fatigue. It was really good that we had built the fishery station.

That day he called on the officials and employees of the fishery station to catch and send larger quantities of fish to the orphans and old people with the same feelings as their parents and children and representing the minds of his own and the mothers across the country.


Korean children are shouldering the “Sonamu”-trademarked satchels. On January 4, Juche 106 (2017) Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Bag Factory producing those satchels.

He paid attention even to the colour, shape, size, decorations and shoulder strap of the bag and called for making good-quality satchels with the mind of making them for their children and carrying the feelings of the mothers across the country.

That day Kim Jong Un said:

It was said that from olden times a lot of painstaking efforts are needed to bring up a child. We have millions of children. This can be said that our Party is blessed with children. No matter how much effort we have to make to bring up our children, I think it a happiness, not trouble.

To him, the trouble for the children was precisely his own happiness.

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