Ambition of a Girl Coach


Kim Jong Mi is a short-track speed skating coach at the Jangsan Sports Team in the capital city Pyongyang.

She has been active as coach for six years, which may be just the beginning for sports coaches. But she has produced a lot of first three finishers at national games including the Juvenile Championship and the DPRK Championship.

When she became a coach after finishing her career as a player, she led her team for the first time at the Juvenile Championship held six years ago.

At that time, coaches of other teams didn’t regard her as a major rival.

Of course, they knew the career of Kim Jong Mi as a player, who had held national championship several times and won tens of medals at national and international games, but success as a player is not necessarily a success as a coach.

At the championship, however, she proved her qualifications and ability as a coach. Women players of the Jangsan Sports Team led by her won several medals at a number of sub-categories. All were surprised at her first success but she could not rest content with it.

She wanted her disciples to realize the dream of holding the world championship she had failed during her career as a player.

She directed great efforts to training players who would display the honor of the country all over the world.

The biggest trouble was that young players were not prepared to follow the intention and demand of the coach properly.

She constantly guided the training in the way of teaching the principles of motion and basic techniques. After all, the cognitive power of the players began to be improved and their techniques to be raised.

The number of promising players is increasing day by day thanks to the efforts of Kim Jong Mi who is guiding the training energetically with scientific methodology.

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