“Unbangul”-Trademarked Accordion


The International Musical Instruments Exhibition was held in Shanghai of China in October Juche 107 (2018). Presented to the exhibition were “Unbangul”-trademarked accordions produced at the Pyongyang Musical Instruments Factory in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, drawing people’s attention.

Learning about the technological indices of the Korean accordion, experts on musical instruments said the Korean accordion is on the world standard and they envy the Koreans with the leading musical instruments producer.

Then, how could the Pyongyang Musical Instruments Factory produce such excellent accordions?

Whoever calls at the factory admires high technical knowledge and skills of its employees.


The factory has set a goal to produce famous goods to compete with the world and done the work to improve the technical knowledge and skills of the employees in a purposeful way.

What the officials of the factory paid a special attention to was the on-line education and the operation of its sci-tech learning space.

It is a business strategy of the factory to raise the technical knowledge and skills of the employees by substantially operating the sci-tech learning space as well as the on-line education.

Now that the study-while-working system has been established in the society, the factory has induced many employees to study at the on-line education faculties of different universities including Kim Chaek University of Technology. It has also encouraged them to present more than one technical innovation proposals necessary for production, so that the course of their study could be conducive to production and business activities.


As a result, the technical knowledge and skills of the employees were raised, which resulted in increasing the production of goods and improving their quality.

Important issues were solved to diversify the pattern and color of the accordion and the Bayan and increase the modernity and quality of the products. Workers have developed a number of technical findings including a sound detector which can firmly ensure the accuracy.

Technicians and workers have pooled their wisdom to develop a three-axis automatic control system and introduced it into mechanical devices, making it possible to enhance the processing accuracy of the accessories. Besides, they presented technical innovation proposals of significance to different exhibitions including the National Youth Exhibition of Sci-Tech Successes.

The sound and shape of the “Unbangul”-trademarked accordion will be improved better thanks to the enthusiasm of the officials and employees of the Pyongyang Musical Instruments Factory to produce famous goods that can compete with the world.

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