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Fidel Castro Lives On With His Legacy Everlasting

Fidel Castro Ruz was born in Oriente, Cuba, on August 13 1926.

He led an assault on the Moncada military barracks, a point of military importance of the Batista dictatorship, in July 1953, raising the beacon fire of an armed struggle. It marked a new turning point in the Cuban revolution.

Later, the Cuban revolution developed into an all-people resistance movement under his guidance and, finally, the pro-US dictatorship was overthrown in January 1959 and a revolutionary government was established in February.

Therefore, the Cuban people became genuine masters of the country and took the road of socialist construction.

Enjoying the absolute support of the people, Fidel Castro worked as first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Council of State and president of the Council of Ministers of Cuba for a long time.

Even under the sanctions and blockade by hostile forces which had persisted for decades after the establishment of socialism in the country, he invariably adhered to the banner of socialism and wisely led the people to achieve social progress without interruption.

Under his guidance, the Cuban government and people firmly safeguarded the sovereignty and dignity of the country and the gains of the revolution and attained numerous successes in various fields of social life.

A socialist system in which all people enjoy equal rights and freedom and learn and work to their heart’s content was set up on the land where ignorance and darkness, poverty and backwardness were once prevalent, and remarkable development took place in politics, the economy, culture and other sectors of social life, completely changing the features of Cuba.

Fidel Castro Ruz met President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on his visit to the DPRK in March 1986 and directed much effort to strengthening and developing the militant ties of fraternity and friendly and cooperative relations between the peoples of the two countries.

He was awarded the title of DPRK Hero and several orders of the DPRK.

The bilateral friendly ties provided by the preceding leaders of the DPRK and Cuba are now being carried forward invariably and developed further.

The feats performed by Fidel Castro Ruz for the cause of anti-imperialist independence will live in the mind of progressive mankind as well as the Cuban people.


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