Factory Manufactures Furniture In Keeping With Global Trend

The Taedonggang Furniture Factory produces light knockdown furniture.

“The world’s trend of furniture development is to design neat and light furniture,” said Manager Hong Myong Chol.

The factory keeps abreast of the demands and taste of consumers by means of its furniture exhibition hall and gives precedence to designing furniture incorporating their demands.


“We direct all furniture designs to boosting efficiency while using less wood,” said Jo Kum Chol, chief of the technical arrangement room.

In this course, they came up with many designs for furniture including chipboard furniture and the one reducing the twist and deformation of prefabricated parts by dint of mosaics.

Especially, the factory mostly designs the furniture using the cross cores made of scrap wood.


The factory is equipped with a CNC wood carving machine, automatic finger jointing production line, vacuum curved plywood press and other furniture-making facilities and standardizes its products.

“The automatic finger jointing production line is effective in sticking various waste wood pieces to make materials of any size and they are very solid,” said senior engineer Ri Song Ui.

The factory also produces decorative plywood, which was imported in the past, and has introduced various coating methods for preventing bleaching while using less materials, thereby enhancing the texture of products.

The furniture and fittings produced thus are popular with users as they preserve natural beauty and are light, solid and original in style.


The factory turns out over 130 kinds of furniture such as wardrobes, tables, beds, desks and chairs.

In recent years, it produced over 13,000 pieces of furniture and fittings in dozens of kinds to provide them to newly built or reconstructed major structures including the Korean Revolution Museum, the Sci-Tech Complex, Mirae Scientists Street and the Pyongyang Catfish Farm.

At present the factory is working to increase the proportion of domestic production of raw and other materials as it manufactures a glass processing machine, builds a high-frequency vacuum drying oven and sets up a chipboard production process.

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