Patriotic People

An Altruistic Couple


Honoured disabled soldier Sin Chol Su (left) and his family members refresh their fond memories seeing photos.

“Sin Chol Su and his wife Yun Yong Sun could lead an easy life as they receive preferential treatment socially since Sin is an honoured disabled soldier. But they have voluntarily been doing good things for society and the collective,” said Kim Yong Ae, a neighbour of the couple living in Jungsan County Town, South Phyongan Province.

Sin’s couple grow over 80 fruit trees including chestnut, apricot, persimmon, apple, and jujube.

Asked about his motivation for doing such good things in bad health, Sin said: “I just want to repay the favour even a bit to our generous socialist system which gives prominence to and values honoured disabled soldiers like me and my neighbours who take warm care of me.”

He added that his family has been able to do something for the good of society thanks to his wife who does every household chore while going to work, regarding that as her bounden duty.

Over twenty years ago, Sin returned home after being demobbed as an honoured disabled soldier. He got married to Yun Yong Sun, a kind-hearted employee of the county post office who had frequented his home to take care of his health and life.

“After marriage my husband often said we owed a great deal to the country which values and gives prominence to honoured disabled soldiers, as well as our neighbours who pay attention to our living lest we should have any inconvenience. So we planted fruit trees around our house,” recalled Yun.

Several years later the trees bore fruits and the couple sent them all to villagers, children at the kindergarten and nursery and builders at construction sites.

They said they take delight and feel the value of life in seeing them taking their fruits with relish and gratitude.

“It was not easy to take care of my disabled husband and do housekeeping while staying on my job. Especially, I thought I would be unable to manage it when my husband had to have his leg amputated as his illness got serious. At that time, my husband said that he could not live only enjoying preferential treatment as a disabled soldier and that we would be able to do good things for society even in a minor way if we pooled our efforts,” said Yun.

The couple continue to do good things at present.

They sent relief materials to the flood victims in the northern areas of North Hamgyong Province some years ago and have taken warm care of an old war veteran without children since last year.

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