Old Apiarist


Bee is a useful insect in some ways as it makes sweet honey and gives much help to the production of crops by artificial pollination.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is encouraging the beekeeping in order to increase the number of bees which are indispensable for the human life.

Old man Ri Son living in Mangyongdae-dong, Mangyongdae District in the capital Pyongyang, enjoys beekeeping very much. He is also making researches into the bee products and writing books for development of the apiculture of the country.

People call him “apiarian grandfather” and “apiarian doctor”.

Ri Son started beekeeping 10 years ago after he retired on a pension. It was not because he had a knowledge of bees, but because he wanted to keep working for the country and felt anew from books the mysterious efficacy of bees.

However, the beekeeping was not easy.

The old man repeated thinking and pursuit to master the beekeeping techniques. He also studied the world trend of development of beekeeping.

In the course, he was surprised to know that honey is made in the capital city as well as in the mountainous areas of the country.

As a matter of fact, bee is much more sensitive to the air than other insects on the earth.

Maybe because Pyongyang was famous for willow trees, full-blown flowers and beautiful scenery from olden times, many beekeepers could be found in the city and their number was on the increase.

Ri Son says:

“From olden times our country was called the golden tapestry of three thousand-ri because it is so beautiful. Beautiful flowers are in full bloom here in Pyongyang free from pollution, so the best-quality honey is produced a lot.”

Ri Son not only kept bees but also delved into the world of bees to observe how good the bee products were for the health of people. With them proving effective, he was even called a famous doctor.

With the help of experts, the old man made a honey discriminator and a saccharimeter of Korean style.

He also wrote the books “Longevity and Honey”, “Longevity and Propolis” and “Longevity and Bee Pollen” and finished writing a large book which comprehensively systematized the immortal exploits of the peerlessly great men Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for the development of apiculture and generally explained about bees and their products. At present he, together with experts, is writing nine books including a picture album showing the bee plants of Korea.

According to him, honey production is on the increase every year and its quality is also excellent.

Ri Son always tells the lovers of beekeeping that when they have the affection to add beauty to the capital city Pyongyang and make the nature of the country affluent, they can increase the number of bees and make honey sweeter.

As if proving his words, the honey he produces is popular among people.

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