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DPRK Student Proves Successful at International Programming Contest


Jon Kum Song, a student of Kim Il Sung University in the DPRK, took the first place at the Codechef, an international internet program contest, held in July.

Taking part in the contest were more than 31,000 university students and programmers from 80-odd countries including China, Russia, India and UK.

Jon, a fifth-year student of mathematics faculty of the university, got 1,000 points, the highest mark at the contest, by solving all the difficult problems.

During his days at Pyongyang Secondary School No. 1, he won a gold medal at the 56th International Math Olympiad. After entrance into the university, he attended the Codechef contest several times to show good results.

According to Dr. Sin Chang Hyon in his thirties who is a teacher of the university, students of the university have participated in the Codechef contest since 2013, winning its title 18 times.

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