An Able Man Training Talents


There is a model teacher at the Pyongyang University of Computer Science. He is Ham Song Ho at the Artificial Intelligence Department of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence Technology.

For his educational and scientific achievements, he has received more than 50 certificates including new teaching method, sci-tech success and program certificates.

In his middle school days he had an unusual interest in computer. He entered a university as he wished. After graduation from the university, he became a teacher of the university and made painstaking efforts to get more knowledge.

In order to train able IT personnel he had to set a higher goal and make more efforts.

Associate Professor Ham Song Ho says:

“Now the world has entered the era of the fourth industrial revolution whose core is the artificial intelligence technology and the production processes are put on a highly robotized and intelligent basis in our country. I think that under the actual condition, the duty of our educators is very important as they have to train IT talents majoring in the artificial intelligence technology. Whether or not the graduates have the practical ability to fully design and develop the intelligence systems arising in practice depends on how we, educators, educate the students.”

With his painstaking pursuit and efforts Ham Song Ho explored a new subject related to the intelligence program design and created and introduced practical and advantageous new teaching methods and multimedia programs suited to its characteristics in succession. Especially, he invented and introduced tens of simulation programs including the image recognition system by neural network in order to put the education on a modern and IT basis. In recent years, he has developed an education support system related to the softcomputing technology, applying it to teaching.

In those days, he took the first place at national teaching contests several times.

He has written tens of essays, textbooks and reference books, and made the class in his charge the class of student scientific pursuit prize winners, the class of inventors.

He is 39 years old this year. It is said that the expectation of his new class is also big.

Ham Song Ho is making an active contribution to the IT development of the country and the education of the rising generations with his high ability. That is why people call him an “able man training talents”.

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