A Woman Table-Tennis Player He Met in Person


On October 28, Juche 103 (2014), the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un watched a women’s football match at the remodelled May Day Stadium.

Also enjoying the match were players and coaches as well as Pyongyang citizens.

After the match was over, Kim Jong Un was coming out of the grandstand and all of a sudden, told an official to fetch Kim Jong if she had come.

Kim Jong had won gold medals at the mixed doubles of the 52nd World Table Tennis (Individual Event) Championship of the International Table Tennis Federation in Juche 102 (2013) and at the mixed doubles of the table tennis event of the 17th Asian Games in Juche 103 (2014).

10 days before Kim Jong Un had met those players and coaches who won gold medals at the 17th Asian Games and other world championships. But Kim Jong had not been present there because she was abroad for an international game.

Listening to the fact, Kim Jong Un praised Kim Hyok Bong and Kim Jong for having played the match well to the last at the mixed doubles of the table tennis event of the 17th Asian Games, and said he would make an opportunity to meet her in the future.

He called her, true to his promise.

With a surging excitement Kim Jong rushed to him and made a salute to him, saying she really wanted to see him.

Kim Jong Un beamed all over his face. Looking up to him, the accompanying officials thought of his time spent for the revolution in past 10 days. In those days he gave field guidance to the completed Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp, guided an actual manoeuvre of units of the Korean People’s Army and gave on-site guidance to the completed Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage.

So busy as he was, he had waited for the player to return home.

Looking at Kim Jong with an air of satisfaction, Kim Jong Un said: You are really praiseworthy as you glorified the honour of the country by winning gold medals. I believe that you would train harder in the future to keep achieving good successes at international games.

Then he proposed having a photograph taken with her and let her stand by his side to pose for a photograph.

It was a significant moment showing the special affection between the leader and the sportspersons.

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