The Teacher We Call First

Medical science is developed to further raise the effectiveness of treatment while minimizing the pain and torment of patients.

Pak Hyon, Chief of the Laboratory of the Micro-Orthopedics of the Hyesan University of Medicine, says:

“The micro-surgical operation is difficult and troublesome. It needs rich clinical experience and high medical techniques. Doctor Jang Myong Guk led us to make the first step for research of micro-surgery and is now teaching us whenever there are difficult operations. He is our teacher.”


Doctor Jang Myong Guk is a researcher of the Clinical Research Institute of the Pyongyang University of Medicine.

He has been faithfully devoting himself to training medical workers and making medical researches for tens of years. At present, many of his disciples are playing a big role in the medical education and services.

When he started his medical service, the micro-surgical operation was as good as an untrodden path. But he never gave it up for his sense of responsibility and conscience.

He has made continuous meditation and pursuit to delve into new data on medical science and master the tissue grafting of different styles. He strove to get the techniques, skills and experience for any kinds of micro-surgical operation.

In those days, he himself developed a medical appliance vital in the micro-surgical operation. He made painstaking efforts to manufacture the appliance with domestic raw and other materials, which is produced at specific countries alone. With the help of specialized research organs, he finally succeeded in manufacturing the ultrafine medical appliance which is tens of micrometers thick by dint of unique rolling method.

Not resting content with it, he developed different sizes of appliances one after another. Those appliances are highly estimated to meet several indices including elasticity, connectivity and cleanness.


The surgeons learn from him about the world trend of micro-surgical operation and the clinical problems. They also solve difficult technical issues with his help.

Here is Jang Myong Guk.

“We have still a lot of work to do in the micro-surgery. I think it is our pleasure and pride if every operational method we use contributes even a little to developing the surgery of the country.”

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