Science and Technology

Online Education Helps Many To Settle Bottlenecks


A lecturer gives an online lecture at the Grand People’s Study House in Pyongyang.

Today, the social education form in the DPRK has converted into online education as required by the developing times to be in wide use.

The online education courses at the Grand People’s Study House and the Sci-Tech Complex deal with the problems badly needed in practice and everyone can join it, irrespective of their occupations and ages.

Their education is given, divided into real-time online lecture and online in-service training course.

Ri Jong Min, deputy workshop manager of the Songyo Knitwear Factory, said that the online education of the study house and sci-tech complex is very helpful for work and life, adding it is particularly essential to those who have not received technical education from universities or colleges.

The real-time education covers many problems including the latest development trend in relevant fields and the basic scientific knowledge related to the major fields of study.

According to Kim Chol Man, lecturers learn about sci-tech bottlenecks in production sites in order to bring the content of lectures close to reality and select the point in question to be dealt with in lectures.

Lecturer Mun Kwang Chol noted that reality is a good school, saying they learn a lot in reality while engaging in education.

The online in-service training course also wins popularity among locals.

Kim Jong Chol, researcher at the academy of railways, said that the selective online in-service training course is very effective as even a major field of study is subdivided to solve knotty problems in a short time.

After finishing a month-long course with the main focus put on the point at issue in reality, the trainees present essays and many of them are introduced into production sites.


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