Economic Development & Construction

New Technologies Applied To Production


Employees discuss how to increase the production of rolling stock wheels at the Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex.

The Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex increases production by dint of technical innovations.

“We are carrying on a technical innovation drive on the principle of replacing imported raw and other materials with domestic ones,” said Jang Kon, deputy chief engineer of the complex.

The complex developed an anti-adhesion agent of welding flash badly needed for metal processing work.

When the agent is applied to the surface of a product to be welded, welding flash does not stick to the product, thereby sparing workers reprocessing while saving a great deal of labour and materials.

According to the introduction of the agent into shielded arc welding, no pore formed on the welded part.

The complex also made glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) to apply it to manufacturing rolling stock, which helped completely remove the metal processing of curved surfaces, avoid repainting and economize on a great deal of paints.

Its technicians also completed a PVC-based wainscot production process for carriages.

The process is designed to produce the wainscot for rolling stock with synthetic resin (PVC-based polyvinyl chloride foamed board). The wainscot made of PVC can improve the hygienic modernity of rolling stock and prevent damage from moisture and erosion. The process can also produce any kinds of complex curved wainscot.

The establishment of the PVC-based wainscot production process has made it possible to raise working efficacy and productivity without using wood.


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