First Summer in the Facelifted Samjiyon


The city of Samjiyon in Ryanggang Province at the foot of Mt Paektu greeted the first summer after its facelift.

Samjiyon County was promoted to the city at the end of last year after it was turned into a model of mountainous city encapsulating modern civilization.


The Pegaebong observation platform is sited to command a panoramic view of the city which goes well with dense forests in Mt Paektu.


Over 4,000 low- and multi- storeyed dwelling houses were newly erected, replacing old ones in the then county town area. It is difficult to find similar apartments around the city: Kwangmyongsong-dong on Milyong Street is characterized by low-storeyed dwelling houses rich in national identity, while Pegaebong-dong on Rimyongsu Street by modern multi-storeyed apartments.

Also distinctive are those at Ponnamu-dong on Chongbong Street.

Over 380 public and industrial buildings, such as factories and industrial establishments divided into production and leisure spaces, schools, hospital, library, hall of culture, gym, hotels, and restaurants, add more to the appearance of the city in summer.

Thick foliage of white birch, Picea koraiensis and other trees lining the streets as well as green lawns are another charm of the city.

With each passing day happy laughter and merry singing of the citizens, youth, and students ring out louder.

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