People Were Always in His Mind


Pak Yong Rok, Manager of the Pyongyang Catfish Farm

“It is nearly 20 years after I began to work as manager of the Pyongyang Catfish Farm.

When we ovefulfil our production plan to send a lot of fish to the public catering establishments in the capital city, the unforgettable days come across my mind.

On December 22, Juche 103 (2014) the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited our farm despite the cold weather.

Everyone knows that catfish lives in warm water. So our farm was not normalizing the catfish production in cold winter.

However, there was no winter in the mind of Marshal Kim Jong Un who is always concerned about the people. He visited our farm to let people have a good diet by producing fresh fish in all seasons. It was his intention not to give up halfway or give in fish farming for the improvement of the people’s living.

That day he stressed the need to increase the rate of using the waste water coming from the East Pyongyang Thermal Power Station in order to normalize production even in winter, and take steps to make an active use of natural energy including the installation of a solar water heater and the covering of vinyl sheets over the outdoor ponds.

He also set a high goal to face-lift the farm and afterwards, he guided hundreds of miniatures concerning it.


On October 30, 2015, he called at our farm again.

Looking at the catfish swarming in the outdoor ponds, he said with pleasure that fish seemed to be more than water. And looking at the frozen catfish piled up like a mountain in every deep-freezer, he beamed all over his face as if forgetting all kinds of cares, saying it is necessary to provide the people with the catfish all the year round.

He said: The farm has been changed beyond recognition in a year. Another wealth has been provided to contribute to improving the people’s diet. I am greatly satisfied.

Looking up to him, I couldn’t help shedding tears.

He clearly explained that the shortest way to provide the people with more fish is to produce fish in an industrial way and taught how to increase the fish production. I felt my heart warming up at the thought that he always thinks of the people.

Kim Jong Un finds the greatest pride and pleasure in the joy and happiness of the people.

True to his noble intention, the employees of our farm are making the best use of the production capacity to further increase the catfish output.

It is our unanimous will to live and work as the faithful servants of the people making selfless, devoted efforts for them.”

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