Patriotic People

46-Year-Long Devotion for the Rising Generations


Choe Yong Ae, headmistress of Toksong Primary School in the city of Phyongsong, is a teacher who has devoted herself to education of the rising generations for 46 years.

She was appointed as a teacher of the school after graduation from Phyongsong Teachers Training College at the age of 19. “Theses on Socialist Education” was made public in September 1977. The theses stipulated that socialist education is an undertaking for training people to be independent and creative social beings and that a teacher is a career revolutionary who is directly in charge of educational work and brings up the rising generations to be successors to the revolution. Keeping in her mind the paragraph of the theses, she regarded the post of a teacher as sacred and made a firm determination to glorify her career as an educator.

She combined visual aids with demonstration lesson and introduced the heuristic methods of teaching and made sure that all occasions and media were geared and subordinated to education so as to help pupils have qualifications for acquiring extensive knowledge of nature and society and cultural attainments and patriotism. In the course of this, her class children became honour pupils and proved successful in the national competition of honour pupils on several occasions.

Having been promoted to the headmistress in April 2007 from a department chief and submaster of the school, she was fully convinced that a teacher’s qualifications mean the improvement of a pupil’s academic abilities.

Everyone starts the long journey of his or her life based on the first education given by his or her teacher in primary school days. So, it is important to raise the qualifications of a teacher in order to bring up pupils into reliable pillars of the State and society.

She always made such exacting demands on teachers and asked them to carry out all the pedagogical courses to the letter and direct efforts to extracurricular teaching for helping pupils digest what they have learned in lessons.

She frequently organized classwork inspection, meetings for swapping experience in teaching, teaching and organ contests and teaching aids exhibition, while striving to develop new teaching methods and setting an example in person. As a result, 90% of teachers of the school have become model lecturers and winners in the national teaching contests and obtained certificates of new teaching methods and aids.

When the system of a primary school increased from a 4-year course to a 5-year course according to the State decree on enforcing the universal 12-year compulsory education in 2012, she built up the material foundations for ensuring primary school education at a high level. She also introduced a system of a full-time lecturer in charge of subjects so as to make all pupils get prepared to receive secondary education.

The school has a nature study room, IT lab, English lab, music and dance hall, drawing and handicraft workshop and others for extracurricular groups. At present, it runs 65 groups, including maths, physics, mother tongue, composition, English, swimming, abacus, paduk and table tennis. After school and refresher training pupils improve their talents at their desired groups.

Thanks to her sincere efforts to turn the school into the one where the hope of pupils comes true, its pupils have always entered the rankings in the national academic and quiz contests. Every year, many of graduates are enrolled at such educational institutions of higher grade as Pyongyang Middle School No.1, Kim Jong Suk Middle School No.1, Phyongsong Foreign Languages School and Phyongsong Art School. The school was awarded the title of a thrice honoured red flag school.

“Educational work is precisely conscience, devotion and patriotism. The future of the country is guaranteed by us teachers”, says Choe Yong Ae, who is a People’s Teacher and a national meritorious person of socialist patriotism.

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