Human Rights

Women Live A Happy Life


Today, the Korean women are enjoying a true happiness as human beings not only at home but also in all fields of the social life.

A lot of women are active as deputies to the power organs at all levels and as officials of the Party and state bodies and public organizations and have become heroines, Meritorious Persons of Socialist Patriotism, professors, doctors, People’s Athletes and People’s Actresses.

Among them is Merited Scientist Yun Un Hui, Director of the Biological Industry Institute of the Advanced Technology Development Centre of Kim Il Sung University.

She successfully carried out the research project to make a number of factories dust- and germ-free. She became a doctor in her 30s. She blazed a trail for the subject of GMP Technology for the first time in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and was awarded the professorship at the age of 43 last year.

She gave pleasure to the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on the spot during the field research and had pictures taken with him two times. At that time, her daughter said: “My mother is the best!”


Deputy to the Supreme People’s Assembly and Doctor Kim Hye Yong is Manageress of the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory which is famous for the “Pomhyanggi”-trademarked cosmetics.

In order to repay the trust of the country, she worked hard to modernize the factory and produce famous goods with the world competitive edge.

She presented a patent technology together with scientists and thus received the inventor medal and certificate of the World Intellectual Property Organization last year.

She feels a pleasure and pride, seeing the “Pomhyanggi”-trademarked cosmetics popular among people at the commercial service establishments across the country.

Ri Kyong Ju, Department Director of the Ministry of Light Industry, says:

“In our country women are regarded as flowers of the country, flowers of life and flowers of family. Our socialist system is the women’s paradise as it gives schooling to the women so that they can enjoy their rights as social beings like the men in the whole period of their lives from their birth, looks after their health and enables them to take an active part in the socio-political activities as well as the working life.”

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