Patriotic People

Whole Life Devoted to Teaching


Among the eminent women doctors whom the Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering is proud of is Sin Kum Sun.

Born into a military officer’s family in November 1955 in a mountainous village in Kumgang County, Kangwon Province, Sin was good at school and especially fond of maths and physics. When she graduated from the senior middle school, she was enrolled at the Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering to major in the engineering of construction machines as she wished.


Her fellow students and even lecturers marveled at her excellent academic performance supported by great enthusiasm. And, as an undergraduate, she designed a fish processing machine and put it into practice.

Sin graduated the university summa cum laude in 1981 and became a lecturer of her alma mater. Her lectures are so comprehensive and profound that they are highly acclaimed by students.

It owes much to her painstaking efforts to acquire a wealth of versatile knowledge and the art of skillful lecturing.


In this course she created a score of new teaching methods and wrote several textbooks and references on the mechanical engineering.

Sin has proved herself adept at mechanical invention. Her research in the 1990s was aimed at improving the capacity of winching facilities, and she designed a tensiometer for wire rope, the first of its kind in the country, which she continued to upgrade as suited to actual conditions.

The portable tensiometer for wire rope and other machines and facilities invented by Sin have been well commended at a national festival of mechanical designs and other sci-tech festivals and are highly profitable in reality.

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