Tree Laden With 300 Apples


Kwail County of South Hwanghae Province in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea reaped a rich harvest of fruits in Juche 106 (2017). 50 or 100 tons of fruits per hectare were gathered in more and more orchards. After all, the county gathered nearly 20,000 tons of fruits more than the previous year.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited Kwail County on September 20.
Entering the apple orchard, he touched apples one by one before asking how many apples were dangling on trees.


Told that every tree was laden with 200 apples on an average and 300 at the maximum, he said with satisfaction that every tree had numerous apples. Picking up an apple from a tree, he said he feels as if all his pent-up fatigue is gone, thinking the people would be very pleased to hear the news of the rich harvest of fruits.

While looking round the Pomiculture Institute that day, Kim Jong Un stopped walking all of a sudden and saw a wall of the corridor with a picture of artificial earth satellite launched from the earth.


He was told that the artificial earth satellite had been drawn because it is a symbol of the national power. And he laughed a hearty laugh, saying:

It would be better that they drew the tree laden with 300 apples instead of the artificial earth satellite. Those apple trees are more powerful than the nuclear bomb.

The tree laden with 300 apples is more powerful than the nuclear bomb.

It was a golden saying which can be said only by Kim Jong Un who regards the people’s happiness as the standard of estimating the national power.

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