Tailor Shop Flourishes With Seasonal Fashions


The Taesong tailor shop makes stylish clothes to meet the tastes of customers.

The Taesong tailor shop in Taesong District, Pyongyang, is renowned for making fashionable clothes according to seasons.

“The bespoke clothes made at the shop never fail to meet the likings of customers, aesthetic tastes of the times and national sentiments. So my husband and I always order clothes to this shop every season,” said Ri Un Ok living in Ryonghung-dong No. 3, Taesong District.

As there is an increasing demand among men for summer shirts and trousers in bright and cool colours this summer, the tailor shop is designing pockets, vents and collars in various shapes according to the figures of customers.

Its men’s wear is much sought-after because of their exquisite workmanship on such difficult parts as the connection between shoulder and sleeves and the plastron.

It is also good at making women’s dresses in light pink, blue and cream colours.

“In order to satisfy the taste and demand of customers, we need to know their characteristics,” said Kim Sun Sil, manageress of the tailor shop. “Since they have different features, physiques and likings, the forms and colours of clothes should be chosen in keeping with them.”

She always deliberates over the choice of cloths that might suit the age, character and profession of customers.

“We are preparing suits and coats in fresh designs for the coming autumn,” said Kim.

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