All-People Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work Brisk in DPRK


The emergency anti-epidemic work is being carried out as an all-people campaign in the DPRK.

All the sectors and units including emergency anti-epidemic headquarters at all levels have been actively conducting organizational work to most correctly implement the directions and assignments given by the Party Central Committee, toughening discipline and ensuring unity of action.

Political work and publicity are getting momentum to further the atmosphere for anti-epidemic work throughout society.

More firmly established throughout the society is the order to make everyone wear a mask out of duty and encourage them to help and control each other to keep tougher discipline and act as one in observing anti-epidemic rules including temperature measurement and hand sterilization.

Preemptive and instant anti-epidemic measures are being strictly carried into effect under the maximum emergency system.

In the wake of the lockdown of Kaesong City, the state top priority is given to the supply of materials to the city, and tougher medical examination and observation are being carried out for sake of its citizens with maximum vigilance.

A series of preemptive measures have been taken to thoroughly block and control any possible inroads of malignant virus in the areas along borders and demarcation line and the coastal areas.

The officials in the field of inspection and quarantine for exports and imports are strictly abiding by anti-epidemic rules with maximum vigilance in inspecting and quarantining for the goods to be delivered.

A thoroughgoing medical examination is being conducted across the country to find out those with fever and abnormal symptoms, while due measures being taken for them.

The additional anti-epidemic posts installed in key spots across the country are rigidly conducting disinfection and medical examination of personnel, goods and vehicles, while taking timely measures.

Relevant fields and units are sharpening the work to examine the water quality in rivers and reservoirs with responsibility in this rainy season, strictly observe the order of entry into sea and deal with floaters in accordance with anti-epidemic rules.

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