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War Veterans Enjoy Themselves at Yangdok Hot Spring Resort

The participants in the 6th National Conference of War Veterans enjoyed themselves at the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort before and after the conference.

Our Party has always paid deep attention to the promotion of war veterans’ health, putting forward them as the greatest treasure of our revolution.

Our Party took a benevolent measure of making the participants take a good rest at the hot spring resort.

The people in Yangdok County and officials and employees of the resort management office warmly welcomed the war veterans as honored guests upon their arrival.

The war veterans were granted a special favor at the resort which was built at the place of scenic beauty.

War veterans felt the greatest delight, while seeing the outdoor spa in pine forest of Onjong Peak and commanding a bird’s-eye view of the scenic resort from the top of Tae Peak where they arrived on ski lift through fresh air.

The hot spring resort has a general service centre full of various kinds of exercise apparatuses and cultural recreation facilities and blocks for cure and recuperation, all of which were crowded with war veterans in a rapture of delight.

Officials and employees of the management office of the Resort took care of the veteran’s health and life and presented birthday spreads and souvenirs to them.

The veterans enjoyed a colorful performance given by famous artistes of central art troupes.

Singing wartime songs together with the artistes, the war veterans recalled the days of the hard-fought war.

Enjoying themselves at the hot spring resort, the war veterans expressed their gratitude once and again to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who take warm care of them.

The participants in the 6th National Conference of War Veterans said that they would fully discharge their duty as the victor generation with untiring passion and spirit.

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