Building It into a Model of Tree Nurseries of the Country


Mountains of Korea are being changed into golden and treasure mountains thick with green woods. It is ascribed to the tree nurseries built across the country.

Tree Nursery No. 122 of the Korean People’s Army is a model of the tree nurseries of the country. It has been built into a modern land-and labour-saving tree nursery, which can produce more than 20 million saplings a year.


One day in December Juche 104 (2015) the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited it and opened a vista to build it into a model of the country.

His plan was to build a smart tree nursery where the sapling production was put on a scientific, industrial, intensive, automatic and mechanized basis.

He explained specific ways to build the tree nursery into a land- and labor-saving one that can produce tens of millions of saplings a year with small production area and less manpower.

He also paid deep attention to other problems arising in its modernization, ranging from designing to the supply of materials.

This is how the tree nursery was built along with the establishment of the wonderful integrated control system to provide conditions and environment most suitable for cultivation of the saplings.

In May Juche 105 (2016) Kim Jong Un called at the completed tree nursery.

All its production processes were highly automated and conveyorized, ranging from seed selection to sowing and packing of saplings. It has a substrate production process and sapling-storing facilities.

There are also science and technology study and dissemination centres which can lead the forestry science of the country.

After looking round different places of the tree nursery with an air of satisfaction, Kim Jong Un mounted an observatory and said with great pleasure:

The tree nursery is perfect in its scale and in all other aspects. It looks like a street consisting of parks. If we build similar tree nurseries in all provinces, we will be able to produce 200 million saplings a year. I am very pleased to think of it.

Kim Jong Un pictured to himself the green woods which will be created in all mountains of the country before long.

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