Science and Technology

Agency Works to Diffuse Latest Sci-Tech Information


Scientists work to establish a database for the diffusion of sci-tech information at the Central Information Agency for Science and Technology.

The Central Information Agency for Science and Technology assumes the mission to promptly and accurately disseminate the latest data on scientific and technological successes achieved at home and abroad for the scientists and technicians in industrial establishments and the agricultural sector and leading officials of different economic sectors across the country.

It deals with a wide range of sci-tech data including those on such core, basic technologies as IT, nanotechnology and bioengineering and those on the trend of development of technology.

It maintains a well-knit database by analysing and processing an enormous amount of information so that users can have access anytime.

“In recent years we have added new analytical data on the latest sci-tech hits and their development trend to the databanks of hundreds of units across the country, and they are favoured by users,” said Han Tong Su, director of the agency.

“Our complex owes a great deal to the Central Information Agency for Science and Technology in its technical upgrading and regular production,” said Kim Yong Chol, deputy manager of the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex.

In addition, the agency has updated its homepage for an information retrieval and management system to help users increase creative power.

“The sci-tech data order service system which has recently been added to the homepage provides information seekers and owners with the site for satisfying their needs through discussion. It is now a favourite haunt of many visitors,” said Ko Nam Su, section chief of the agency.

The users of this homepage are on the increase with each passing day as more than 400,000 pieces of data conducive to promoting production and developing technologies have been added.

The agency also publishes over 10 kinds of sci-tech journals and several kinds of books that are helpful to solving knotty problems arising in different economic sectors.

Popular publications and data are the books that are conducive to working out scientific management and business strategies and improving the cultural attainments of working people and the technological news and sci-tech analytical data that are needed for putting the national economy on a modern and IT basis.

In addition, the agency works to develop apps for tablet PCs and smart phones to provide users with a variety of common knowledge.


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