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Participants in 6th National Conference of War Veterans Leave

War veterans who participated in the 6th National Conference of War Veterans held with splendor on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the Korean people’s victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War left Pyongyang on Tuesday.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who values and treats war veterans as dear forerunners of the revolution personally attended the conference and made a congratulatory speech with high appreciation and respect for war veterans and also made sure that the congratulatory message of the Central Committee of the Party was sent to the war veterans greeting the V-Day so as to add luster to the feats performed by the participants in the Fatherland Liberation War in the history of the country.


The war veterans on their way home with deep emotion and great joy of receiving warm loving care and trust by our Party were warmly sent off by employees of the lodging quarter.

In the streets of the capital where the buses with the war veterans aboard passed, Pyongyangites waved their hands to the elder generations of the revolution who are enjoying the greatest honor and happiness under the benevolence of the mother party.

Senior officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea warmly saw the war veterans off at Pyongyang International Airport and Pyongyang Railway Station.

The participants in the 6th National Conference of War Veterans expressed their determination to fulfill their educators’ role in handing down the spirit of defending the country and the revolution in the 1950s to the rising generation as the bloodline of faith, bearing in mind the deep intention of our Party hoping that they would serve as the eternal source of our strength and spiritual mainstay.


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