Emotion of Women Footballers

The following happened on August 10, Juche 104 (2015).

Women footballers of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea returned home after they won an EAFF Women’s East Asia Cup.

People across the country welcomed them who won consecutive victories defeating all the rivals.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un came out to the airport, when the cheers of hurrah swept the sky of the Pyongyang International Airport.

Greatly excited, the women footballers couldn’t say proper words of greetings to him as tears blurred their eyes.

It was the honor they had not thought of even in dream.

The DPRK women footballers could win the Cup thanks to his trust and encouragement to them.

Kim Jong Un watched all their matches, sent them congratulatory messages several times and praised them for having made a sports legend.

His trust greatly excited them and gave them the dauntless spirit to surely win the matches.

Though he made efforts for success in their matches, Kim Jong Un owed all the honour to the players and came out to the airport to greet them.

He showed his great love and affection to them, saying the sportspersons who made big successes on the international arena and demonstrated the dignity and might of the DPRK are triumphant generals.

Thanks to him, Korean sportspersons are flying high the blue and red flag of the DPRK in international games.

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