We Should Fight in Korean Style

Hurrah of Victory in the Great Fatherland Liberation War!

The Korean War in the 1950s was the confrontation between the rifle and the atomic bomb. The imperialist aggressors mobilized millions of troops and the modern latest arms and equipment for the Korean War. In the aspect of military technique the balance between the two forces was absolutely in favor of the imperialist aggressors.

Nobody thought the Korean people would win the war, because the theory that victory or defeat is decided according to the military and technological superiority was recognized as an established formula and law of the war.


The war, however, ended in victory of Korea. Concerning it, a foreign military expert said Korea could win the war as General Kim Il Sung made the most of the tactics suited to the constitution of the Koreans according to the topography of Korea.

During the hard-fought war, the great leader Kim Il Sung created the tunnel tactics, the aircraft-hunting team movement, the tank- hunting team movement, and the activities of snipers, mobile artillery companies and assault teams, which were the unprecedented original war methods.

For example, the tank-hunting team movement was based on a scientific calculation of the features of Korea and weak point of the enemy.

One day in January Juche 40 (1951), Kim Il Sung said to commanding personnel of the People’s Army: There is no reason why we have necessarily to use artillery to destroy tanks. The enemy tanks have to move only along the roads because mountains are steep in the eastern sector of the front and there are many bogs in the western sector of the front. That’s why the enemy tanks cannot move freely in other places except the roads. This is the fatal weak point of the enemy tanks. It is necessary to organize tank-hunting teams that the enemy tanks could not move freely.


Kim Ji Hyang, Lecturer of the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, says:

“At that time, it was thought that fight with tanks was possible only by using the anti-tank gun, planes and equal tanks or the attacking enemy tanks could be destroyed by the anti-tank grenade or the frangible grenade at most.

So the active tank-hunting tactics was an event in the field of military tactics, which called for forming an anti-tank assault team and slipping into the enemy area at midnight along with light arms to destroy the tanks by surprise.

Our brave tank hunters destroyed over 200 enemy tanks, wiped out a lot of manpower and blew up oil bunkers and tank shell magazines in 1952 alone.”

It was a consistent stand of Kim Il Sung that we should fight in Korean style according to the terrain conditions of Korea as the war was fought in Korea.

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