Request of a War Veteran


67 years has passed since July 27, Juche 42 (1953) when all the country seethed with the joy of victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.

The new generations pay high respects to the victors of the great years who defended the country at the cost of their blood.

The war veterans, who performed the brilliant feats for the country from the days of war to the days of postwar rehabilitation and socialist construction, are greeting the V-Day, looking back upon their past lives with emotion.

Among them is Ri Song Sik living in Tangsang-dong No. 2, Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang City.

When the war broke out, he was a 16 year-old second-year student of senior middle school. With the hatred for the aggressors who dropped bombs on the way to school, he increased his age to wear a military uniform and go out to the front.

In many battles, he bravely fought to defend every inch of the country, destroying the enemy trying to deprive him of his hope and happiness. In those days, he was wounded several times.

After the war, he graduated from the Pyongyang University of Medicine and became a teacher. Working as the head of a department at the university for tens of years, he brought up talents in the medical field.

He has never forgotten even a moment his comrades-in-arms who had laid down their lives for the country during the war. He devoted his all to learn more and work harder in place of them. A lot of disciples who were awarded academic degrees under his guidance have grown to be influential persons in the academic world.

He has been on a pension for over 20 years. But he is trying to do even one more thing helpful to the country with his tireless passion and stamina.

He always says to himself: “I’m a war veteran, defender of the country in the great years. I must not live comfortably under good treatment but make strenuous efforts for the country and the posterity until the last moment of my life.”

Some time ago, he called at the construction site of the Pyongyang General Hospital, carrying with himself the aid materials, encouraging the builders.

Ri Song Sik often says:

“I’d like to request the posterity to support the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un with loyalty and do their duty conscientiously. We, war veterans, believe in the youngsters.”

The request of the veteran enables the new generations to perform great feats for the welfare and prosperity of the country like the generations who contributed to the war victory.

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