Natural Resources for Treatment Developed


Scientists at the Environmental Hygiene Institute under the Academy of Medical Science in the capital city Pyongyang are making valuable research findings helpful for the promotion of the people’s health with rich mineral resources.

The sanatoriums in all parts of the country are associated with their selfless efforts.

It was not easy to find out the mineral resources and make a correct analysis and estimation of their water quality.

They traveled throughout the country in search of the regions with mineral water. For researches, they had to leave their houses and put up a tent outside for tens of days.

Thanks to their painstaking efforts, they could complete the book “Handbook of Korean Natural Resources for Treatment” on the basis of a scientific analysis of the mineral resources of the country. The book is now promoting the convenience of the relevant units and users.

Not resting on their laurels, they are devoting their wisdom and ardor to researches for effective use of mineral water.

Recently, they have developed the natural fluorine water from mineral resources.

Researcher Ji Hyok Chol says:

“I think we have lots of things to do in the future. We feel the greatest pride when we have found out water sources good for health of the people.”

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