Hang Myong on Jangjae Islet

Jangjae Islet is on the West Sea of Korea. Hang Myong in the islet village is well known to all the Korean people. His father is an officer of the islet defence detachment.

As a matter of fact, few people knew Jangjae Islet. But the islet was known to the whole country after the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited it on August 17, Juche 101 (2012).


Early in the morning, aboard a small wooden vessel, he ploughed his way through the raging waves to call on the service personnel and officers’ families, who shed warm tears.

Kindly feeling the cheeks of children taking their mothers by the hand, he asked them what their fathers were. Six-month-old Hang Myong was in his mother’s arms.

Kim Jong Un hugged tightly and caressed him warmly.

He called at Jangjae Islet again on March 7 the following year.

At that time he said the looks of Hang Myong changed a lot and he seems to be taller than before. He beamed all over his face, considering him to be cute as he was wearing a military uniform, though little.

That day he dropped in at Hang Myong’s house. Hang Myong had celebrated his first birthday on March 6. In Korea all families would gather on the first birthday of a baby to wish it a happy future from olden times.

Kim Jong Un gave lots of birthday presents to Hang Myong, saying: I knew that yesterday he would celebrate his first birthday and I had intended to come on the day. But I’ve come today because I could not make time.

So busy as he was with the state affairs, he remembered the first birthday of a child in the islet village and came in person to congratulate him on his birthday.

Afterwards, too, he met Hang Myong several times.


In November Juche 105 (2016) he recognized Hang Myong among the children of Jangjae Islet and warmly patted his cheeks, saying he grew up beyond recognition though it seems to be the day before yesterday that he held the six-month-old baby in his arms.

Now Hang Myong on Jangjae Islet is eight years old.

He is growing up as a pillar of the country under the care of Kim Jong Un who has shown his warm love to him since his birth.

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