Energy-Saving Green Street


Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang to which energy-saving and green technologies have been applied.

As the dog days of the summer set in, the temperature reaches around 30ºC.

But they do not feel the heat of the day in the shops, nurseries, kindergartens, schools and other public buildings and apartment houses on Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang.

The energy-saving and green architectural technologies introduced into the structures protect them from the boiling heat.

What should be mentioned above all is the geothermal heating and cooling system.

An air-conditioner sometimes removes moisture or decreases temperature too much to dry up people’s nasal cavities or have them catch a cold, said Ri Chang Hui, a resident in Ryomyong Street. But the geothermal heating and cooling system controls the temperature and humidity appropriately.


A primary school on the street is very noticeable for its special south-facing windows which have shading devices to screen the direct rays of sunlight in summer.

The device is based on the cooling load reduction technology using light shelf. It screens the sunlight when it is too bright in summer to prevent the glare of direct rays and lowers the indoor temperature and lets in much more sunlight in winter to raise the temperature.

The roof greening technique adopted in Ryomyong Street also met with public approval.

The roof greening which is favourable to environmental protection can also raise the indoor temperature by 2.5ºC in winter and decrease it by 4.5ºC in summer.

On the platform storeys of skyscraping apartment houses and the roofs of commercial service buildings, Thuja orientalis, Sabina chinensis and other evergreen trees and different flowering shrubs like azaleas grow to add characteristic beauty in each season, said Ri Hye Jong, a senior citizen living in the street.


The hydroponic roof greenhouses called an “urban vegetable factory” are drawing special attention.

Built on the roofs of public buildings, kindergartens and nurseries, they not only produce vegetables but also add scenic beauty to the street and that is why they are enjoying popularity as “places profitable inside and outside”.

Besides, many green architectural technologies and materials were introduced into the construction of Ryomyong Street including the sunlight-induced illumination system, sound and light sensing illumination technology and geothermal ventilation technology.

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