Warm Affection


Some time ago, an old woman left the Internal Neurological Department of the Kim Man Yu Hospital in the capital city Pyongyang amid the concern of many people. Patients, nurses and doctors were seeing her off in their rooms, corridors and halls, sending congratulations on her recovery.

When she was about to leave the entrance, a woman doctor hurriedly approached her to put a package of medicines in her hand, kindly explaining how to use them. The old woman was reluctant to part with them. Then, who is she?

She is 84-year-old Kim Yun Sim. Early in June she was carried to the hospital, being unconscious because of multiple brain infarction.

Hospital and department consultations were held and intensive treatment given day and night.

Doctors presented scientific treatment methods and proposals and gave medical treatment with high medical practice and nurses were at bedside of the patient throughout the night for treatment.

10 days later, the life indices of the patient gradually recovered and finally, she came to her senses.

Thereafter she could notice the sincerity of the doctors and nurses for her.

Foods to her appetite were brought to her at every mealtime and clean underwear put at her bedside every morning.

Pulling the three-wheeler carrying her from treatment rooms to convalescent wards, doctors told her about how to recover her functions in plain words. Combing her hair every morning, nurses talked to her sweetly and took her to the bathroom. Seeing them, she felt as if they were her “daughters” and “grand daughters”.

Amid the warm affection, she was completely restored to health and left the hospital in more than 20 days.

The doctors and nurses do not know her hometown, career and family relationship.

They only know that she is a health-seeker of the Pyongyang Old People’s Home.

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